Thai Lottery Result 01-04-2023 Live Today Win Thailand Lottery

Thai Lottery 01-04-2023. Thailand Lottery Result Live Today (Thai Lotto 01 April 2023). Thai Lottery Today Result Live 01 April 2023 (ผลสลากกินแบ่งรัฐบาล 01 ธันวำคม 2566). Thailand Lottery is official National Lottery of Thailand. Thai Lottery is very popular in Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Kuwait, and Pakistan. National Thai Lottery is administered by the Government lottery office (GLO). Thai Lottery always drawn on 1st and 16th of each month. In Thailand, only two forms of gambling permitted in Thailand which is

1: Thai Lottery  

2: Horse Racing

Thai Lottery Result 16-03-2023
Thai Lottery Result 16-03-2023
Thai Lottery Result 16-03-2023 2nd 3rd Prize
Thai Lottery Result 16-03-2023 2nd 3rd Prize
Thai Lottery Result 16-03-2023 5th Prize
Thai Lottery Result 16-03-2023 5th Prize

The payout ratio of Thai Lottery 01-04-2023 no matter the low odds of prevailing and the damaging payout ratio, it’s miles hugely well-known in Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the USA. The payout ratio of the Thai lottery is 60%, while the payout ratio of the bingo lottery is 74%, and horse racing is 81%. For all the other lotteries or betting, the payout ratio is much less than their lottery played in Thailand. Thai lottery is a legalized shape of playing in Thailand.

Thai Lottery Old Results in Full Chart

Thai Lottery Today Result 01-04-2023 Organized & Managed

Thai Lottery 01-04-2023 is thoroughly well organized and managed by the (GLO). The Government lottery office is in observation of Thailand’s Government. GLO itself surely prints and sells the tickets to wholesalers in the market.

Thailand laws strictly prohibit all other bets. Thai Government utilizes 28% of Thai lottery profits for state affairs. 67 million people of different age groups played Thai Government lottery. These Thai Lottery Players were spending 76 million baths in 2014.

Collection of old Thai Lottery Results

A Huge collection of old Thai Lottery Results available only on Thai Lottery winers. Don’t worry if you miss out any of the previous results come and find here. Each result is available in Thai lottery Result Full chart.

4PC Paper

Thai Lottery 4pc Paper makes more close figures to get lucky lottery ticket and win any of the prize from Thailand Lottery

Thai Lottery Tips and Formulas

If any player wants to get lucky number he may find some clues and tips on

Thai Lottery players always search for their luckiest ticket number and a lot of clues and tricks which may help them to get their first prize.


As it shows by name that Thai Lottery VIP TIPS are main source to reach the winning destiny of Thai Lottery prizes. Thailand Lottery VIP Tips may support some ODD figures to make final six numbers. VIP Thai lottery provide a set of VIP numbers which are only 4 digits then it depends on Thai Lottery players to make it a final digit.

Thai Lottery 3up

Thai Lottery 3up basically a set of 3 digits which can be in form of ODD set or EVEN but it is the main direction toward a six number final ticket. is the only tool to take you winning hill. Thai lottery winers always take some tricks and 3up from Thailand lottery GLO and from other sources.

Thai Lottery from Archive

If look back to history where concept of the Thailand lottery goes back a completely lengthy manner toward classical time. The lottery was first commenced in Thailand during king Rama V. It changed into first drawn at a global truthful to rejoice the king’s birthday.

Once more in 1917, a lottery became drawn to give financial assistance for Thailand’s USA into international battle i.e; as an ally, in 1932, the lottery was used to raise funds for social blessings. Thai Red Cross charity used lottery budget to meet its fees. The Thai authorities abolished the draftee tax, levied on Thai males who wanted to forego obligatory services because of this act, the government earnings shortfall.

In 1934 the authorities determined to begin a lottery attracted to generate finances to cowl the revenue shortfall. Subsequently, the drawing changed into performed by means of the revenue branch. The lottery technique became also brought to the provinces in the equal year to finance the regional municipality operations.

The finance department set up the first lottery board on five April 1939, that’s now held as the founding date of the authorities’ lottery workplace. After the status quo of the lottery based totally in 1939, the manager of the lottery operation was transferred.

Now-a-days the authorities’ lottery office publishes 15 million tickets for each draw. For the advertising of the sport, it additionally issued two million tickets, and for different charity corporations, it issued seven million lottery tickets inside the equal draw. The authorities’ lottery workplace operated the most up to date big-scale printing press. The lottery office prints price tag itself for every draw and handles printing jobs for different government groups. Thailand’s lottery is the massive source of revenue collection for the authorities every year.

It additionally gives 440 scholarships of 20,000 baht for undergraduates and distributes 8 million baht a year to numerous charities. In addition, the lottery workplace also distributes about 20 million baht a year for the welfare fund, civil services, and navy personnel.

เคล็ดลับหวยวีไอพีประเทศไทย 01-04-2023 Lottery Tickets

It can be a super surprise for any Thai Lottery player when he books a ticket and it went to First prize. Everybody try his fortune by buying a lottery ticket but it’s not guaranteed that he will win. But who make a research of the draws results and digits a lot he will definitely find a super clue to win Thai lottery prize.

Thai Lottery Winning Theory

Surely winning Thai Lottery prize is a great luck. But senior members and players who closely watch each activity throughout the month they decide that making a final number is an Art and strategy is main factor.

Your luck and your art of managing lottery numbers both lead you to final lucky number to win Thai Lottery.

Thai Lottery Special Types

Thailand Lottery has two special types which are

(TGL) Thai Government Lottery Ticket

(TCL)  Thai Charity Lottery

Yes, Foreigners may play and win Thai Lottery Ticket.

Any player can win Thai Lottery but he needs to follow latest tips, VIP Tips, Thai Lottery Formulas, Thai Lottery Paper and other related content to win Thai Lottery.

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