Thai Lottery Ok Tips 16-12-2022

Tips to attract Thai Lottery Today players are Thai Lottery OK Tips. These tips provide you basic set of winning numbers. Thai Lottery VIP Tips, 2D, 4D Tips, and 3up tips are the main source for making the winning digits. These tips are not only for Thailand players. These tips and tricks are also for Overseas, especially in Saudi Arabia. Our experts are assured to win Thai lottery if we follow these tips.

Odds and Evens Strategy

The idea behind this lottery strategy is to look at the probability of a specific group of numbers being drawn rather than the probability of individual numbers being drawn. According to the theory, the winning numbers are very unlikely to be all odd or all even. According to statistics, the majority of winning lottery tickets are evenly split between odd and even numbers. So the idea is that you can increase your chances by selecting numbers that are evenly distributed between odds and evens.

On the other hand, according to this StatsChat article written by a biostatistics professor, picking all odd numbers, all even numbers, or a combination has no effect on your chances of winning.

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